staying in touch

For any successful long distance friendship (or relationship) staying in touch is the ultimate key and, honestly, it’s also often the ultimate challenge. Seeing as we live approximately 800 miles apart and haven’t lived in the same city – not to mention state – for at least four years, we’ve explored many methods of communication. In addition to the standard texts and phone calls, here are our tips on keeping close even when that’s physically impossible.

Processed with VSCO with c2 presetThe second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is out- we had to catch up!

video chatting
We know, we know… these days video chatting could easily fall under the realm of “standard” communication. Sure, we sometimes hop online to have a chat after a particularly bad day, but often it’s with a twist. We use the crazy world of technology to watch our favorite television shows together while very far apart. That’s right, penciled in our planners is a weekly date for whatever show it is we both shamefully refuse to miss that season (most often Pretty Little Liars). Guilty television feels much more guiltless when you can indulge with your BFF. To coordinate we use Rabbit  a heaven sent online service (and app) that lets you video chat with your friend (or friends- you can have up to 25 people in a room!) AND watch a video via Netflix/Hulu/YouTube/etc. on the same screen! The split screen idea is genius, because you don’t have to make sure you’re both at the same place in whatever you’re watching since you’re watching the exact same thing. Not to be dramatic, but Rabbit has changed our lives.

blogging (share a hobby)
This baby has been cooking up in our heads for years. Not only does it allow us to exercise the left side of our brains (and right – formatting isn’t always easy), it gives us ample reason to stay in touch; brainstorming, planning, editing and so on. Maybe a blog isn’t your thing, but any hobby could be shared among long distance friends, just find one you’re both truly passionate about and start from there. For instance, you both love to knit? Do it while Skyping and then swap the pieces you create the next time you’re together.

We snap each other when we hear “Shut Up and Dance,” it’s our friendship law.

This little slice of social media is like an on-the-go FaceTime with an added splash of creativity. Sometimes when texting seems like a chore (is that just us?), Snapchat allows you to speak your mind without tiring fingers or taking up precious phone memory. “Oh, Kailyn and I love this song!” Snapped. “Crystal would really appreciate how cute my dog looks right now.” Snapped. Snapchat allows you to come into someone’s life for moments both dull and exciting… which are both equally as important, we might add. Side note: our lip sync skills have reached new heights thanks to Snapchat.

When you don’t live within driving distance, getting to see those you love falls into that category of things that are “worth more than money,” “priceless,” or whatever you call it, but let’s face it — flights are soul crushingly expensive. Because we’re both 20-somethings who don’t exactly make million$$$, we’ve come up with a method that eases the load for us both: split the cost of each trip! $200 is a lot easier to spend at once than $400. Not only does having that plane ticket booked always give you something to look forward to, but having the chance to explore each other’s mutual towns is a fun way to feel more connected.

Nothing brightens a days more than a surprise in the mailbox.

Saving the best for last: who doesn’t love getting a package, letter or ANYTHING wrapped up in your mailbox? Perhaps that human exists, but it’s certainly not either of us. Too often we get so wrapped up in social media or texting that we forget how good it feels to sign, seal and deliver (or receive). After all, a cute card you can hang up and keep forever, but the next time you update your iPhone’s software you could lose all those texts in the blink of an eye.

We hope this post gives you some new ideas for staying in touch with your best best, and let’s be real — we have a million more things to share on this subject, so stay tuned for more tips on staying in touch!

– Crystal & Kailyn


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