review: browdrama

You know what trend I love? The bold brow trend. It took me a while to sign up, but now that I’m on Team Brow (lets call it Team Brow-liever??), I’m never leaving. I’m also on Team Try New Things, which is why I’m attempting a beauty post, so bear with me!

As someone who isn’t keen on spending a lot of money on make up, I’ve tried my fair share of drugstore brow products, but ever since Kailyn showed me the magic that is Anastasia’s Brow Wiz it’s been my go-to pencil as I continue the search for a cheaper equivalent. Up for review this time around is Maybeline’s BROWdrama, which truth-be-told I’ve been contemplating purchasing for a while, but as luck would have it I was sent a couple to try courtesy of Influenster.

ps: Are you on Influenster yet? If not, get on Influenster now.

DSCF1718   DSCF1722

Positive that the darker shade (deep brown) would be the correct option for my olive skin and brunette hair, I tried it first.  My eyebrows are fairly thin so, my first thought was “how am I going to get a the skinniest parts of my brow with such a chunky pencil!?” DSCF1741   DSCF1742

I think I managed alright! Did I mention yet that I’m no makeup guru? As it turns out DRAMA is the perfect description for this particular color. Perhaps this shade would be fitting for some (dramatic) occasions, but for my everyday (casual) style, something this bold looks too unnatural for my taste.

After brushing through my hairs with a sprial brush, I reached a result I could live with:DSCF1745

The second shade (soft brown) appears very ashy in the packaging but turned out to be more of what I’m looking for when it comes to painting on my eyebrows. side note: humans are so weird…DSCF1749.JPG

In the end I decided a mix of both colors suited me best. Overall, I think BROWdrama will take a little getting used to; the pencil is awkwardly thick and the consistency is not smudge-proof, to say the least. However, at ~$8 I’d considered it worthy of a random (and in my case, pretty frequent) drug store splurge if/when they create an in-between color. DSCF1799

The positive: the product stayed in place a full work day + the formula applied smoothly, easily and evenly

The negative: the lack of sprial brush + the size of the pencil, which will become a larger problem as the pointed tip wears down with continued use

The search continues…

– Crystal


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