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Hello! We’re Crystal and Kailyn — twentysomething best friends who share everything, including a daydream of starting a blog (which is why you’re here, FYI). We’ve always loved getting crafty, sharing our closets and figuring out ways to stay close despite living 800 miles apart and now we want to share the next decade of our friendship with you… or at the very least document it for our own selfish and drastically-nostalgic selves. Crystal is a better writer and Kailyn is better with HTML, which is why we’re always better together.

On The Yellow Telephone you can expect to see a little bit of everything: DIY, fashion, beauty, tips + tricks, home, kitchen, our attempts at being adults, etc. We’ll call it a “lifestyle” blog if we must… but basically, just prepare to see the world from these two sets of eyes:

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A little background: we met at the precious age of 15/16 as tiny babies working our first job at an ice rink in our home-sweet-home of West Virginia. When college rolled around we went our separate ways and naturally drifted (a bit) apart. But two years into our collegiate lives,  Kailyn transferred to Marshall University, where Crystal was attending and we both agree — it’s the best decision Kailyn’s ever made. We spent many insanely-fun days and long nights rekindling our best friendship as neighbors in Huntington, WV before our “adult lives” pulled us apart again. Now, 10 years later, we’re forced to live our lives on opposite ends of the east coast (bleh), but through it all we’ve stayed pretty damn tight and we’re happy about it… It’s not often you find your favorite friend so young and get to hang onto them despite what life throws your way.

12417710_10205374653237743_385034518844349662_nBonjour! I’m Crystal and I minored in French but a friendly-greeting is pretty much all I have to show for it (besides my deepest desires to spend every afternoon at a cafe in Paris drinking cappuccinos while wearing stripes). I’m 25 going on 65 and spend most of my days in Northampton, MA where I live and work in the music industry. Whenever feasible, I hit the road or the sky to travel. Most often I go back home – to the wild and wonderful West Virginia, where I find serenity, but when it’s an option, you’ll find me somewhere warm on a beach with a good book in hand.  (twitter | instagram)

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Hi new friends, I’m Kailyn! I’m 26 and live in the cute little city of Kingsport, TN. I currently work at a small, local garden center, but dream of working in interior design. I’m also single, but I couldn’t possibly love anyone more than my tiny cocker spaniel Poppy anyway, so it’s totally fine. I prefer tea over coffee (can’t live without cold brew during the summer, though), watch more television than is considered strictly healthy, am a feminist, definitely drink too much wine, know all of the words to every One Direction song, and still haven’t learned how to say no to a new bottle of nail polish. (twitter | instagram)

We already love you for checking out our little slice of the internet, hopefully you think we’re kinda okay, too. 💛🍋 (twitter | instagram)


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