how to broach the poach

Crystal and I thought it might be fun to take you with us as we attempt things that seem like staples of “adult life.” See: patching your favorite pair of jeans or repotting a plant. For me, this meant poaching an egg.

I’ve always wanted to successfully poach an egg – seems like a pretty simple desire, right? HAH. I consider myself semi-alright in a kitchen, I’ve always been good at following directions anyway, but poaching an egg is a whole other kind of beast (for me anyway, I can guarantee someone will read this post and wonder why I’m making such a big deal about something you can get anywhere you can get brunch). Please drool over this picture with me, and maybe you’ll get it:

salmon-cakes-020.jpg (This beautiful photo is from FoodnessGracious, but you get why I want to be able to make this, right? ALSO, THIS IS ON A SALMON CAKE, LIFE CHANGED.)

The first step for me was consulting my favorite science-y chef, Alton Brown. I used the method described here and even watched the video, which I feel like really helped. Should I make another post about my undying love for Alton Brown? No? Too weird? Okay. Continue reading