review: browdrama

You know what trend I love? The bold brow trend. It took me a while to sign up, but now that I’m on Team Brow (lets call it Team Brow-liever??), I’m never leaving. I’m also on Team Try New Things, which is why I’m attempting a beauty post, so bear with me!

As someone who isn’t keen on spending a lot of money on make up, I’ve tried my fair share of drugstore brow products, but ever since Kailyn showed me the magic that is Anastasia’s Brow Wiz it’s been my go-to pencil as I continue the search for a cheaper equivalent. Up for review this time around is Maybeline’s BROWdrama, which truth-be-told I’ve been contemplating purchasing for a while, but as luck would have it I was sent a couple to try courtesy of Influenster.

ps: Are you on Influenster yet? If not, get on Influenster now.

DSCF1718   DSCF1722

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book review: What I Know For Sure


I feel the need to start this review with a disclaimer: Prior to reading “What I Know For Sure” I would not have considered myself an Oprah fan. Aside from a broad sense of her mega-impact on media and general awareness about her talkshow + magazine, I don’t really know much else about the woman. So when I dove into this book  it was with an unbiased mindset. Continue reading